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Snow Sports

Nobody wants to pull a crater. Keep your cool and get a boost from Altigen™. Whether you ski or shred, Altigen™ will keep you from flailing and bailing on the slopes. If you are a professional athlete in snow sports, Altigen™ may help you catch air, without the use of banned substances. Buy Altigen™ for your next high […]


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Altigen™ may help you keep your head in the game. Traveling for Business Business travel presents a unique set of challenges to anyone. Transportation, hotels, meetings, business dinners, and parties will keep you busy, but can you keep up? Adjusting from sea level business centers such as Hawaii, DC, […]


Hiking and backpacking in alpine forests and mountain meadows offer extraordinary close encounters with nature’s splendor. Let the views take your breath away, not the altitude! Even youthful and active people are at risk of high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE) at very high altitudes. It is important to know the warning signs […]

Flying and Piloting

The view from above should be crystal clear, not distorted and fuzzy! Altigen™ may make your flight more comfortable, whether piloting a small aircraft, or traveling on a jetliner. Flying Jetliners that travel above 10,000 feet are equipped with cabin pressurization systems to prevent hypoxia, a serious condition caused by a severe lack of sufficient oxygen. […]

Mountain Biking

Mountain and road biking is an endurance sport that is not for the faint of heart. If your racing or touring plans this year include a high altitude ride, Altigen™ may shorten your altitude adjustment period, without the use of banned substances. Stay in the peloton, and keep the air advantage with Altigen™. For avid […]


You’ve chosen the ultimate high altitude golf experience with stunning views of the whitecaps. Don’t destroy your handicap simply because of altitude sickness. While your golf ball may soar in the thin air (estimated 10% farther), you won’t want to lose your head, or your golf ball. Altigen™ is the perfect golfing companion for those […]

Mountain Weddings

Take a deep breath, you’re planning a wedding, or planning to attend a wedding. While weddings are breathtaking experiences, at a high altitude location, they can literally take your breath away. Guests travel from many locations at lower altitudes, and may not know to expect a reaction to altitude. Be prepared to enjoy this special […]

Competitive Sports

Competing at high altitude may bring unexpected results. Don’t get winded by the altitude! While some athletes train at altitude to improve performance, most can’t build an altitude adjustment period into their travel plans. Altigen™ was carefully formulated to aid in hypoxic conditions, improve athletic performance, and reduce fatigue during competition. Buy Altigen™ for your next […]


Hiking in the alpine wilderness requires endurance and a clear head. The thin, dry air can take a toll on your mind and body. After a long day’s hike, the last thing you want to pitch is your sanity! Don’t let the altitude get the best of you and ruin your night under the stars. […]

Climbing and Mountaineering

Altigen™ can optimize oxygen efficiency and reduce swelling of the brain at any altitude, but it has not been formulated to counteract the kind of severe pulmonary and cerebral edema that occurs as “very high” and “extreme high” altitudes. Even youthful and active people are at risk of high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and    high altitude […]