Mountain Biking

Mountain and road biking is an endurance sport that is not for the faint of heart. If your racing or touring plans this year include a high altitude ride, Altigen™ may shorten your altitude adjustment period, without the use of banned substances. Stay in the peloton, and keep the air advantage with Altigen™.

For avid mountain bikers, the thrill-seeking death defiant sort, the beautiful colors of nature may meld into a blur in a screaming three-hour tour down a mountain trail.

From top to bottom, with no time to think, you’ll want to keep your head, start your tour right with Altigen™. If the road’s your game, rally with Altigen™ and “bag a peak” without losing air.

TIP: Bonk  is caused by body’s depletion of muscle glycogen. Keep carbohydrate supplements handy while riding, especially at high altitudes.

Buy Altigen™ for your next high altitude adventure.

Mountain Biking

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  1. I used this for the first time in a mt. Bike race in Gunnison this weekend and I felt great. I had pre-ridden the course twice leading up to the race weekend and struggled with the altitude. The Gunnison, CO race is @7,800 feet but come race day, after pre-loading with Altigen for 3 days I had no issues with my breathing and actually raced faster than what I had predicted for myself and won my age group. The racing seemed effortless on the lungs…so different than a race a ha done 2 weeks prior @ 6,900feet! I will continue to take Altigen for my up coming summer mt. bike races.

    Annie Fox May 26, 2014 at 4:46 pm #

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