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Altigen is an herbal high altitude relief formula created to maximize energy efficiency, minimize fatigue and optimize performance through its natural adaptogenic properties no matter how high you climb. Each bottle contains 120 (.6g) capsules.  General Dosage is 4-6 capsules 2-3 times per day. Be sure to consider one’s size, constitution, activity and location when choosing a dosage. A loading period of 3 days prior to activity is recommended.  Should you use these general dosing recommendations, one bottle will last  an average of 10 days.

NOTE: We recently had to increase the price of Altigen™ both related to the increase in import taxes as well as the expense of some of the valuable herbs contained in this formula. We have personally absorbed the increase in fees over the past several shipments but sadly the expense has grown great enough that we needed to include it in the end price to the customer.  We are confident that many find this product works magic for their altitude challenges and other, and we wish to continue to provide this product. Thank you for understanding. – The Altigen™ Team

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