Flying and Piloting

The view from above should be crystal clear, not distorted and fuzzy! Altigen™ may make your flight more comfortable, whether piloting a small aircraft, or traveling on a jetliner.


Jetliners that travel above 10,000 feet are equipped with cabin pressurization systems to prevent hypoxia, a serious condition caused by a severe lack of sufficient oxygen. Although cabin pressurization makes air travel much more comfortable, passengers may still suffer from flight discomforts such as headaches, sluggishness, and dehydration. Altigen™ may make your flight more comfortable by preempting these common symptoms of altitude sickness. Taking Altigen™ a day before and during your flight may preempt flight fatigue.


If you pilot small aircraft, you already understand the inherent risks of high altitude travel. Hypoxia is no joke at 8,000 feet above the earth. Altigen™ may assist the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently, and, in addition to supplemental oxygen, can relieve the discomforts associated with unpressurized air travel above 8,000 feet.

TIP: Air travel taxes all of the body’s systems. Avoid alcoholic beverages before and during flights to reduce risk of altitude sickness.

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